The situation in Ukraine News: West controversy "Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine."

The situation in Ukraine News: West controversy "Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine."


"The United States and our allies will not hesitate to use 21st century tools to make their 19th-century Russian behavior pay." Separation occurred after the influx of eastern Ukraine, the United States Secretary of State Warren issued a "Washington now by far the most hard-line stance "he also issued a Russian ultimatum: withdraw from the Ukrainian border, stop the spoiler. The Kremlin apparently do not buy it, accusing the United States, "vicarious liability." Make the world worried about is that Russia and the United States head-on will not stop at nothing more than taking sides around Ukraine’s "tug of war" has appeared more substantial upgrade: American reconnaissance to Russia 40,000 Russia-Ukraine border military build-up, has been eyeing Russia to the Black Sea. "psychological pressure "of U.S. warships. Russia will "swallow" the eastern part of Ukraine do? Most make all kinds of bad public opinion in the West, Putin predicted not so bold, disrupt next month‘s presidential election considerations black majority.
"With the 21st century tools" to deal with "19th century action."

"In the adjoining regions of Ukraine accused Russia of troop build without any basis." 9, the Russian Foreign Ministry website issued a statement, saying Russia did not hold any unusual or unplanned military operations in the region, the Russian daily activities in the territory is not a threat to the security of America and other OSCE member states, Ukraine and the United States have no reason to worry. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov criticized the U.S. "vicarious liability."
6 to 7, 2009, Ukraine initiated a number of cities and towns in eastern pro-Russian action, Donetsk and Kharkov some demonstrators occupied the state government building, Luhansk rallies stormed and occupied the State National Security Agency Building . The 8th Ukrainian government launched the "anti-terrorist operation" recapture Kharkov state government building was occupied, the 9th Ukrainian Interior Ministry said, within 48 hours, eastern strife will be resolved by force or negotiation.
U.S. Secretary of State Warren on the 8th while attending the Senate hearing , accused Russia of " saboteurs and agents sent to eastern Ukraine , local confusing catalyst" Some people have been arrested or exposure . " Kerry said Putin Such a split State sovereignty practices " totally unacceptable " , the United States is deeply disturbed , economic sanctions have been put option " on the president’s desk ." British " daily Telegraph" said Kerry gave the U.S. government by far the most hard-line stand German "New Germany News" on the 9th that Russia has the Crimea into the Russian Federation, Ukraine fears the country is about to collapse , the United States has abandoned the " Speak softly ," but the threat of "stick" to hit Russia in the United States, the Russian Foreign Minister has repeatedly lied in front of the U.S. German " Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung " commented on the 9th that Washington has to Moscow next ultimatum : immediate withdrawal , and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen stopped spoiler warning Russia invasion to neighboring countries, if further intervention Ukraine, would be guilty of "historic mistake ." Russia refuses to accept any responsibility , while Moscow gradually into the NATO sphere of influence.
" Voice of America ", said Putin’s strategy has become increasingly tense between East and West geopolitical chess game . Irina Tingmuqiesen analyst believes that Russia has a very clear mission : " to restore the disintegration of the former Soviet Union , and even more glorious past ."
" Washington Post " on the 9th editorial said , only to increase sanctions to let Russia respond only in Russia was a major financial penalties under the real situation , it helps to really ease the crisis negotiation . Article, " Wall Street Journal " entitled " Putin offenders ," said the now Russia ‘s actions have proven that military power , especially nuclear weapons will continue to be the only reliable means to resist the power of hostilities . Moscow ‘s contempt for international law is at risk around the world , but the Pentagon would substantially reduce U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons capability to match the requirements of the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty statement puzzling. German "Bild" columnist Lo Mel Robinson questioned whether Western sanctions threat scared Putin . He believes that the West needs to think about change in strategy. Putin is a strategist, the West must be a deterrent for him . Some U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday asked the military to punish Russia ‘s hard-line initiatives, including support for NATO’s eastward expansion and to provide assistance and consultancy to the Ukrainian army.
While Kerry reiterated one of the 9th military intervention in Ukraine crisis is not an option, the Western military preparations for the Ukrainian crisis has been going on. NATO troops have been stationed in eastern Ukraine 乌士 provide logistical supplies. German "Der Spiegel", said NATO usually have four fighters in the Baltic Sea, but has now increased to 10, but also to increase the two in May. The BBC reported that U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense Chaulet said, "actions taken by Russia in Europe and Eurasia, it could prompt the United States to re-examine its military posture in Europe." U.S. Cable News Network (CNN) quoted Pentagon the news source said the United States "Donald Cook" destroyer on the 10th into the Black Sea. Earlier, the United States has been extended in the Black Sea, "Trudeau Princeton" destroyer duration of stay.
Putin Ukrainian director "Reagan screenplay"
RIA Novosti reported that on the 9th , " All-Russian Fleet Support Movement" Lord席涅纳舍夫Navy captain , said the United States sent No. " Donald Cook " destroyer to the Black Sea , the United States will stimulate Russia Ukraine incident , also showed ready to meet Romania, Poland and Montenegro wishes to accept U.S. missile defense system. Africa has a great influence of the " Pan-African network ," said , in just six weeks , NATO has experienced a coup to push Russia from sanctions , to the post-Cold War Europe’s most extensive process of strengthening military power . The pace of development of the situation shows that the coup against former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is not " unexpected catalytic effect" , but the result of provocation taken to implement long-term plans . NATO foreign ministers met last week to let the fact is clear , however , the meeting formulated the eastward expansion of NATO to Russia’s borders plan, including exercise vigorously may garrison in Russia and other neighboring countries .
The Russian Foreign Ministry on the 9th of Europe expressed concern about the military action , saying , " particularly concerned about 150 American mercenary activities in Ukraine ." Itar-Tass quoted the director of the Globalization Research Center of Canada Bashing Dovski words, under the training of security forces hired by NATO on the surface of these personnel security company Blackwater USA , is actually training "terrorists" in order to suppress the country’s southeast Ministry protests .
Although Russia denied the " 40,000 Russian troops are assembled Russia-Ukraine border ," but the West continue to burst " evidence ." German TV station ‘s reporter on the 9th spot from the eastern border of Ukraine sent back reports that the Russia-Ukraine border , tens of thousands of Russian soldiers have been stationed for several weeks. In Kharkov , Ukraine, many buildings are still hanging flag, although the calm atmosphere , but the Ukrainian armed forces are ready to deal with Russia’s " invasion" of preparation. CNN9 reported that , at the border of the road leading to Donetsk , the Ukrainian side has been erected on one side of a huge concrete barriers , so that vehicles can not pass . In other junction, Ukrainian Founder excavation deep and wide moat , looks a bit like the feeling of a World War . Russia-Ukraine border is a vast farmland , dirt road connects small and remote villages , U.S. officials said the Russian 3-5 days can be moved into the small neighbor’s house . United States, " Daily Beast ," said the now indications that " invasion" has drawn near . U.S. intelligence agencies discovered the Russian "invasion" of the necessary logistical lines , with the army in the border areas , tanks, soldiers and artillery build-up, there was even a field hospital and mobile medical teams . American Foreign Policy Council Senior Fellow Stephen Blank said that the emergence of mobile military hospital meant Russia Founder ready to go to war , to prepare for the admission of the wounded .
"Washington Post" that the Western military alliance NATO robbing Ukraine as a response to Russia‘s core, but they are likely wrong battleground: Weapons Putin in the eastern Crimea and Ukraine used to look more like paramilitary the "stealth" instead of the traditional army. Putin is a former KGB officer, he is likely to play the adoption of the United States during the reign of President Ronald Reagan, to avoid direct confrontation with Moscow, but through in Afghanistan, Nicaragua and Eastern Europe, Russia’s neighboring eroded support for various activities. Kerry told the Senate that the Russian covert operations in eastern Ukraine in preparation for another class of Crimea intervention. United States, "Christian Science Monitor," said that if Russia continues activities and embarked on the next plane from secretly as the United States said the Russia-Ukraine border 40,000 Russian troops invaded the Ukraine, then next week, the United States, Russia and Europe are also no negotiations necessary.
If Russia’s "invasion of eastern Ukraine."
9, Putin warns Ukraine on gas models arrears problem, urging the authorities in Kiev on the negotiating table. United States, "Atlantic Monthly," said the entire contents of the Ukraine, the energy politics is politics. Eastern Ukraine has one of Europe’s largest coal and shale gas deposits in the country’s 90 per cent if the "occupation" Here, Putin will get beat Kiev conducted various levers. Lose Crimea, thus losing all the above, the desire for energy independence of Ukraine will come to nothing.
American "vox media" website said that if Russia’s "invasion of eastern Ukraine," the two sides of the Russia-Ukraine action will be upgraded. Ukraine faces three situations: like most of the eastern part of the territory of the Crimea to Russia as politically closer relations with the West and Russia fought back, go to war with Russia. Russia and Ukraine may be under NATO military intervention in the war, but the United States and Russia to fight a hot war will bring the highest risk of nuclear war in human history, this situation is unlikely. May allow Ukraine to join NATO immediately, but it also may lead to war. NATO more moderate approach is to let Ukraine to join NATO is ready to fly, if you do not tell the Russians back, his side will be in a permanent establish a hostile. Russia in particular hatred is missile defense system, the United States could accelerate the progress of construction and even expand the scope. Europe and Russia will launch an attack on the United Nations Security Council, so that the Russian embarrassed in front of the world.
Most of Western public opinion, the possibility of Putin’s military "invasion of eastern Ukraine" is unlikely. French "Le Monde" that "invasion" influence in eastern Ukraine in the military, political and more complex than the occupation of Crimea, where truly willing to join Russia’s population is not much, and Europe has also been prepared. The Kremlin is not clear, the annexation of the eastern part of Uzbekistan‘s not ripe, the reason may be that the purpose of doing so upset, as far as possible May 25 Ukrainian presidential election to be disturbed. Even if the election can not completely destroyed, at least in the eastern part of Russia and Ukraine also hope the new government can not make peace.

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