The style and color of the phone accessory display

The style and color of the phone accessory display

  Phone display cabinets with black Appearance: elegant and can hide flaws, it fits with the white, gold mix, emphasized the role played so white, gold is more dazzling. Silver white: will reflect all the light, clean and with a sense of expansion, so the home layout, such as the space is small, it may in white, so that the space increases spacious feeling. Gold: a luxurious color itself can send gorgeous and gorgeous sparkling light, so people have a sense of dizzying.

  Modern shopping malls wants to have a duty to use a large quantity of small shopping malls display cabinets, but some small showcase the company’s technology initiatives and measures to meet the requirements, the direct cause of many extravagant shopping malls showcase thereby causing the rising cost high, reflected in the morphology of the same scale, same color, same technology, the same style. The first is the density and thickness of the plate to meet the national exhibition display equipment production scale, this may not be charged not to reduce the production scale with low prices for this reason. Latest design scales.


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