The trendency of display showcase’s baking paint

The trendency of display showcase’s baking paint

  Display showcase paint manufacturers below summarizes the current domestic display props design several major trends as follows:

  First, focus on experience and capabilities to achieve close to the customer placing more focus on the customer experience through the props on display ;

  Second, the main props of metal wood craftsmanship combine wooden surface paint handling, partly in acrylic glass and ultra- white glass replacement ever used ordinary glass , lights to led pixel light source for the mainstream to handle large-format multi- surface paint to the back glass finishes to achieve smooth surface height , which reflects the quality of the products on display .

  This is what we now paint showcase trends: we know the general template for commercial showcase original furniture replacement , then progress to the introduction of metal wood technology, is the fire rating in the later introduction of inadequate fire protection technology , now with the advantage of paint Showcase appear, generally are based paint mall display cabinets , it is not only beautiful but also practical liked by consumers .

  Showcase Housing body paint room if certain requirements must be sealed , sturdy enough , good insulation properties , usually three-tier structure , the inner layer needs to corrosion , the middle layer of insulation material needs , generally require only the outer part of the firm on it.


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