Tips to choose hot dog cart location

Tips to choose hot dog cart location

  • Thare are some tips for choosing hot dog cart location:
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    Do your research. Look for areas that get a ton of foot and automobile traffic such as busy mall areas, main town roads or the area outside a popular store. You have to put your stand in an area that is easily viewable so that people who pass by understand that you are there to sell hot dogs.

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    Approach the management of popular home goods stores in your area. For instance, stores such as Lowe’s allow people to place hot dog carts outside their stores for a rental fee that you work out with the company. Ask to speak to the manager of this type of store in your area, and find out what arrangement you can work out for your cart.

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    Speak to flea market owners. You can talk to those who own flea markets about a location for your hot dog cart. This vending arrangement lets you sell hot dogs to booth owners and their customers. Since these events usually occur on a weekend, this is a good way to run your business on a Saturday if you work during the week.

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    Check with your municipality regarding permits. The rules and regulations regarding permits vary by area, so contact your state and municipality to find out what permits you need. For instance, some street locations require the use of a permit to operate a hot dog cart location.

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