Top 10 tastiest candies

Top 10 tastiest candies

Candy is a very magical snack that has healing properties and is deeply loved by people. There are many types of candies, with various shapes and flavors. Next, we will show you the ranking of the top ten most delicious candies in the world.

1. Japan Yoha Fruit Candy
Yoha Fruit Gummies are one of the top ten most delicious candies in the world and are quite popular around the world. Its outer layer is wrapped in a thin syrup film, which looks very delicate. It has a rich fruity taste and rich texture. It tastes full of fragrance in your mouth and you will not feel tired after eating it continuously. This fragrant and elastic Japanese gummy candy is loved by both adults and children. It is highly recommended.

2. Russian purple candy
Purple candy is now very popular in China. It is a chocolate-filled candy from Russia. It has a rich taste. The almonds and peanuts inside are tightly wrapped by the chocolate outside. The aroma is overflowing and it is so delicious that you can’t stop eating it. It can almost be said to be the most delicious candy.

3. White Rabbit Milk Candy
People in China in the 1980s and 1990s had a deep affection for White Rabbit toffee. White Rabbit toffee was the most delicious and luxurious toffee at the time. The White Rabbit toffee is full of creamy flavor and very delicious. This toffee has not disappeared from people’s sight. It has been indispensable in childhood memories from the 1960s to the 1990s. It is still easily available and is one of the most delicious classic candies in China. one

4. German Jiayun Fruit Candy
As the most delicious candy in the world, German Jiayun Candy has a history of hundreds of years. It is sold in more than 70 countries around the world and is deeply loved by consumers around the world. The packaging of Jiayun Fruit Candy is very retro. When you open the box, a strong fruity aroma comes out, and it tastes very sweet. It is said that this kind of candy is made from real fruit juice, so it is very popular. welcome.

5. Japanese Rokkatei liquor candy
Anyone familiar with Hokkaido, Japan, knows that Rokkatei liquor-filled candy is one of Hokkaido’s specialties. Rokkatei Sake Candies are particularly beautiful and come in 6 colors, and each color corresponds to a different taste. Its packaging has a Japanese-style charm. In order to maintain the freshness of the ingredients, the shelf life of the candy is only 45 days, so it is best to eat it immediately after buying it or give it to your loved one.

6. Italian Alpine Sugar
Alpine candy is also a kind of candy that many people have grown up with. Now it is also a leader in our domestic candy industry. Its combination of good taste and super high quality has conquered one consumer after another and has been recognized by everyone. But in fact, Alpine candy is a brand from Italy. It has many flavors, whether it is hard candy, soft candy or lollipop, they are all very popular.

7. French Zodiac Fruit Candies
France not only makes good chocolates, but also makes exquisite candies. The most typical representative is Ferolen’s zodiac fruit candies that need to be customized. Because they require special customization, the price is not cheap. Not only is it beautifully packaged, but the shape of the candy is also very beautiful, making it perfect for giving as a gift. This candy comes in twelve colors, each color represents a constellation, and its taste is particularly sweet, as if you are eating real fruit.

8. Japanese Fujiya lollipops
Japanese Fujiya lollipops are very common in life. Not only do they look good, but the packaging is also very cute. They are especially popular among young people and some children. Its taste is also very special. The most important thing is that Fujiya lollipops use paper sticks, which are safer than other lollipops.

9. Japanese Sakura Gummy Candy
Japanese cherry blossom gummy candies, known as body candy, are one of the top ten most delicious candies and are also an internet celebrity candy. Its packaging is pink, which is very beautiful, and the candy is also pink, and it smells very fragrant. The fragrance lingers in your mouth for a long time after eating it. The taste of cherry blossoms is particularly strong, so this kind of cherry blossom gummy candy It is also very popular in our country and is a must-have dating tool for many girls.

10. Thai milk candy
I believe many mothers will buy Thai milk candy for their children. Because it is made from pure milk and has no unnecessary additives, the milk flavor is very rich. It is not only delicious but also very nutritious. . It is shaped like a small white disc of millet. It is not too sweet when eaten in the mouth, so children can feel at ease.

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