Traits of Food Truck Followers

Traits of Food Truck Followers

The assimilation of social media as a basis of communication in the mobile food industry has altered the way customers or followers are able to find their next meal. The once-static food patrons have become dynamic social food truck followers.

This new breed of customer shapes the way you market your business, products, and services. Are you aware of the defining

characteristics of food truck followers?

  • They’re hyper-connected. The smartphone is the constant companion of today’s food truck fan. The food truck follower treats his smartphone more like a pocket knowledge base than a phone.

  • They readily reach out to peers and influencers. Social media has given your customers full access to the opinions and experiences of their family, friends, and the people they trust. People care about what others think and certainly like to draw upon the past experiences of those who may have tried out something before they’ve had the chance.

    If three friends tell this individual that they love a particular food truck or a specific item on your menu, he may be a bit more inclined to track you down and make a purchase.

  • They’re constantly researching. Review sites like Yelp, Foursquare, Google Places, and so on offer customers the opportunity to voice their praises and complaints about food truck cuisine, service, or even the overall business for future customers to read and evaluate. The good, the bad, and the ugly about past customers’ experiences is available for research and review.

  • They share what they think of you. It’s not uncommon for food truck followers to use the very sites they use to research your food truck to also share their thoughts about your food. The beauty of many of these tools is the fact that you can respond to these questions, comments, and concerns quickly.

    If one of your food truck followers lodges a complaint through social networks or review sites, you can respond accordingly and much faster than before social media made its way onto the scene.

  • *They expect food trucks to engage them. Due to the real-time nature of social media and the precedent set by many food truck owners of giving nearly instant response to customer feedback, many food truck followers expect the same of all trucks they visit.

Don’t let this unleashed communication platform get the best of you. Focused research, a strong strategy, and a dedicated effort on your part will help you interact with food truck customers and turn them into loyal followers.

The way you communicate with current and potential customers has been revolutionized. Your followers are at the wheel, and food truck owners need to have their proverbial finger on the pulse of what’s driving their audience. The best way to do this is to listen to your customers and observe those who stick around your truck long enough to eat the meal they just purchased.


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