Transparent glass paint fine display cabinet display the way

Transparent glass paint fine display cabinet display the way

Transparent glass paint fine display cabinet display the way


Transparent glass paint fine display cabinet display the following manner:

1 Project-Project-display display is some general topics related to the product line to the selection and arrangement of goods, not only highlights the commodity, but also enriched the connotation. There are things that can either display in the display, you can also have content related to the product, if the text description, pictures, photos and so on.

2 episodic scenes display type display is usually the life of the product, or in some episodes constitute a scene, and merchandise has become one of the roles. This product is characterized by the merchandise on display to demonstrate its role in use by the appropriate scene, showing the characteristics of its functionality and appearance. Meanwhile, the scene of the show scenes likely to cause consumer associations and intimacy, and thus arouse consumer desire to buy.

3 System type display system-style display is the display case in a few categories of goods on display at the same time. The volume of goods, specifications, and the production of commercial plants and commodities grades can be different, but so many goods in use must be interconnected, both connected with the so-called instruments in order to display the same time, causing consumer goods system understanding. System type display benefits that reflect all aspects and features of the store operating outlook, showing the full range of merchandise assortments. On the other hand can help consumers improve the level of consumption, shorten the time of purchase. After the joint exhibition of consumer goods have knowledge, often time to buy properly to reduce waste of time.

4 Series Series type display type display manufacturers mostly as a commodity and a full display settings. Some appliances, such as home, agreed to the brand, there are different models, styles, size and color, etc., and continue to introduce new products, in order to complete the same company or brand promotional products to achieve brand, a product usually display a complete series, in order to enable consumers to fully understand the product‘s features and functions.

5. Mixed Mixed display is a display, the display mode used for small shops. The variety of different types, different purposes, different textures of goods, through combination with, arranged in the same display cabinet as rich display of goods.


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