Unique kiosk design

Unique kiosk design

 Unique kiosk design

    Unique is committed to Design & Build the best quality Trade Show Exhibits and Retail Mallkiosk Exhibits,food kiosks,beauty kiosks.etc.

    We will first listen to your design requirements then our professional designers will provide their recommendations to design the "Perfect food kiosks,beauty kiosks,trade Show Exhibits, Mall Kiosk Exhibits orRetail Store Fronts". Taking full advantage of our designers 10 years of combined experience will makeyour next trade show exhibits or mall kiosk exhibits a positive and productive experience.Unique, Inc. is strategically located just south of Chicago in New Lenox, Illinois. Unique is a full service of food kiosks,beauty kiosks,trade show exhibits and retail mall kiosk exhibits supplier offering quality productsfrom banner stands, large custom built trade show exhibits, to the personalized retail mall kioskexhibits. No trade show exhibits or mall kiosk exhibits is too large or small! We also create impressiveinteriors for new and existing retail store fronts, showrooms, lobbies, offices and other spaces. Productsinclude custom desks, lecterns, wall plaques and built in wall units. Our new "EconoLine" mall kioskexhibits and retail cabinetry is the perfect solution for the budget conscious owners. Combine theEconoLine cabinets with our Custom Kiosk Exhibits cabinetry and we will create the perfectmerchandising display.Our designers, engineers and custom fabrication facility are in place to help you meet your new tradeshow exhibits, mall kiosk exhibits and accessory requirements. Range of trade show exhibits designsinclude; custom double deck, islands, peninsulas, in-line exhibits, modular laminated & fabric paneldisplays, aluminum framed displays, pop-up displays, tension fabric and hanging structures, bannerstands, cabinets & counters and lighting. Unique designs and fabricates your mall kioskexhibits to meet your company’s as well as the malls design requirements. Which ever trade showexhibits or mall kiosk exhibits you choose, we complete your project with well-thought-out graphicsand/or backlit signage.Unique along with our experienced associates, are excited about the opportunity to helpsolve your future trade show exhibits and/or mall kiosk exhibits needs. We look forward to building astrong business partnership while providing affordable, quality-built trade show exhibits and mall kioskexhibits to you, our valued client. If you are looking for a professional company with 30 years ofcombined experience, knowledgeable associates, excellent craftsmanship built into every trade showexhibits or mall kiosk exhibits at competitive pricing unique is your choice.

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   Tel: +86-755-33561861

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   QQ:  2304313811

   Email: < mailto:sales16@uniquekiosk.com">sales16@uniquekiosk.com

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