Waffle Kiosk

Hey bro , welcome enter into mall waffle kiosk page , if you looking for waffle kiosk used in mall , bubble on waffle ,UKS made many waffle kiosk to different countries , different mall , like some big mall , simon , GGP , westfield , Bridge have all our kiosks , these mall are very strict and with materials and design, our made many waffle food kiosk design to get approved from mall management, you may ask how to choose reasonable material to build your waffle on bubble kiosk , here some share to help you.

how choose material ?

our main materials is wood , for whole wood body we will choose plywood as basic material , plywood is very hard and durable .

Surface finish : we will use laminate , laminate is fireproof , it has many different color and wood grain to choosen, many food kiosk use this kind surface panel.

Countertop :we always suggestion using man-made stone , it is same to america brand Corian , same material , only different brand , man-made stone is very high end , also is very water-proof , if dirty , it also is very easy to clean.

If you are ready to make waffle food kiosk in mall , pls check below those picture to find you interested waffle kiosk .