We should we be careful about the paint colors of showcase

We should we be careful about the paint colors of showcase

  1.display cabinet paint color brightness should make people feel relaxed and high bright paint colors showcase exhibition space makes people feel light, active; low brightness low-key exhibition space makes people feel solemn, dignified, full of a sense of mission; while the of tone space then people feel peaceful and stable. Designers should choose a different tone paint according showcase exhibition space for different purposes. Regardless of the high-profile, low-key in tone or space, so that each part should be noted there are some small changes in the tone of a unified premise. Studies have shown that, if put into 10 grades brightness from white to black, then this change is best controlled at around three grades. Less than three levels of contrast tonality, make people feel dull, lack of anger. Compare more than five levels of tonality, it will make people feel stimulated, accelerate visual fatigue.

  2.Consider the color of paint color display cabinet layout design body paint display cabinets should first consider the overall layout, to determine the main color display cabinets, but also to determine the relationship of color display cabinets, shelves according exhibition between the main colors, but also consider the color itself has character. Color into hue, lightness, saturation of the three main parts of the displays. So the color used in the paint showcase design, but also to understand the basics of what hue. That is not the color hue, the color of the face is different, it reflects different colors each have character, and thus distinguish between the various colors. We usually say red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and other colors name is the symbol of Hue.

  3.paint showcase exhibition space should also pay attention not only pay attention to the lightness chroma saturation, also known purity or saturation. Refers to the degree of pure color. When the pigment content reaches the saturation level of the color features in order to be fully demonstrated. The highest standard of color, because it is neither too late erbium-doped white black. In the standard white color added, saturation and brightness reduced to improve; increase in the standard colors of black. Lower chroma, brightness is reduced. In everyday life, often said that a vibrant color, in fact, it‘s color and high; say a turbid color, its saturation is low.


Sunny Chen

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