What is essential for ice cream/yogurt kiosk?

What is essential for ice cream/yogurt kiosk?

Hello, everyone! Welcome to our website. What products are you looking for today? I know that our website is full of article and there are many new products every day. You can learn more in our website. You click on this article, is the title appealing to you? Do you also want to make a ice cream kiosk? Ice cream and yogurt are very popular food. Sour and sweet, the taste is unique, so it attracts a lot of people. Today i want to share what is essential for ice cream/yogurt kiosk? Do you have an answer in mind? Ok, let’s start.

Toppings tray

This is a must for an ice cream kiosk. We all know ice cream has many flavors and ingredients. So we need some toppings trays for them. These topping trays can hold some ice cream ingredients. Such as cranberries, cookie chips etc.

Ice cream display cabinet

We can use this cabinet to put some different flavors ice cream, customers can see what ice cream you have and they can make a choice. After electrification, the ice cream will not melt. We can also serve guests quickly.

Ice cream machine

Ice cream machine is the core of selling ice cream.It can make a beautiful ice cream. It also very convenient to use, you just pour the milk paste into the machine, then adjust the temperature. It can become a solid ice cream. The price is also not expensive. You can also buy this machine to start the business.


Refrigerator can storage of milk paste and something that needs to be refrigerated. Such as some drinks, if you also sell some snacks,you can storage some hot dog or french fries.


We all know ice cream and yogurt is a little sticky. In the process of work, it is inevitable to get a hand, that’s when we need to clean it up.Sometime you also need water to clean your food and the kiosk counter.

Do you have anything else to add? You can according to your products to arrange the machines or equipment. We’ve done a lot of ice cream/yogurt kiosk, and most kiosks have a few of the items mentioned above. Toppings trays and sink we can design and production them. But the ice cream display cabinet,machine and the refrigerator, you need to provide them by yourself. If you want we provide them, we can help you purchase. If you have them by yourself, you need to tell me their size, so we can leave space to them. Let’s see some ice cream/yogurt kiosks pictures, then you will know what them looks like. If you are interested in our kiosks, please contact us.

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