What machines are needed for food kiosk

What machines are needed for food kiosk

Some folks out there are a bit confused about what kinda machines and gear they need to get their ice cream, frozen yogurt, and juice kiosk up and running. Don’t worry, though, ’cause our factory knows its stuff when it comes to making awesome kiosks for malls.

No need to stress, we’ve got your back and we’re here to help. If you’re in search of the perfect machine that matches exactly what you want, we have some fantastic recommendations that you’ll absolutely adore. We’re talkin’ top-notch quality and no nonsense, my friend. Just let us know what you’re lookin’ for, and we’ll hook you up with the perfect fit.

1.Ice Cream Display Machine

The core and soul of the ice cream industry will be the ice cream machine.It’s crucial to have a machine that can keep all sorts of flavors fresh and has really good cooling powers. It can show customers what taste they have and attract customers at the same time. A versatile ice cream maker that holds a variety of textures and flavors of ice cream. It is also important that the machine you choose is easy to clean and maintain, as well as simple to operate.

2.Frozen Yogurt Display

Frozen yogurt ranks as the overall healthiest dessert. That’s why many food kiosks opt for frozen yogurt. A yogurt maker isn’t just about making homemade yogurt, you can also prepare countless desserts in a yogurt maker, from custard and cream to puddings, custards, fresh cheese and even cookies. That choose a glass frozen yogurt display machine, which can not only store yogurt, but also display the product to customers.


To add a refreshing touch to your food kiosk, it is best to offer freshly squeezed juices. A high-quality juicer that handles a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, is easy to clean and provides maximum juicing efficiency. This will ensure customers get the best quality and taste from your juices.

4.Refrigeration Equipment

To store and maintain the quality of food and fruit, you will need reliable refrigeration equipment. This includes commercial freezers used to store ice cream, frozen yogurt and other frozen products. Plus, investing in a refrigerator will keep fruit, veggies, and other perishable ingredients fresh for your juice bar. Make sure that these devices have sufficient storage capacity and are able to maintain the required temperature levels at all times.


To prepare smoothies and other mixed drinks, you need a high-performance blender. Look for a blender with a powerful motor and sharp blades that can easily crush ice and blend frozen fruit. Make sure the blender is easy to clean and maintain, as this will help simplify your operations during busy times.

6.Point of Sale (POS) Systems

A reliable POS system is critical to any food kiosk. The system will help you manage sales, track inventory and streamline your operations efficiently. Look for a POS system that is user-friendly, provides accurate sales reports, and integrates with other software or online platforms. With a good POS system, you can easily track inventory levels, analyze sales data, and provide efficient customer service.

7.Workstation and prep equipment

To assemble and serve frozen meals and juices, you’ll need a well-equipped workstation. This includes countertops, sinks, and food preparation tools such as knives, cutting boards, mixing bowls, and other utensils. Make sure your workstation fits your convenience to facilitate efficient workflow and hassle-free cleaning.


To keep your ingredients, supplies and equipment organized, kiosks feature sturdy lockers. These cabinets will help storage supplies and food, then keep the kiosk uncluttered and maintain a clean and professional look. Use cabinets with adjustable shelves to accommodate items of different sizes and maximize storage space.


Maintaining proper sanitation is vital to the food industry. Equip the food kiosk with essential sanitation equipment, such as hand sanitizer, soap dispensers, and disposable gloves. Additionally, there are cleaning supplies such as cleaners, disinfectants and cleaning cloths to your machines, equipment and work areas are thoroughly cleaned.

In summary, setting up a food kiosk that sells ice cream, frozen yogurt, and juices requires specific machinery and equipment to run a successful business. Purchase in ice cream and frozen yogurt makers, juicers, refrigeration units, blenders, POS systems, and other must-have tools will help you provide your customers with good products and efficient service. Additionally, proper sanitation, lockers, and organized workstations are required to maintain a clean and professional environment.

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