What makes Italian ice cream cart so stylish?

What makes Italian ice cream cart so stylish?

What is the difference between gelato and ice cream? What makes Italian ice cream cart so stylish?

Gelato is the Italian word for ice cream and is really just a style of ice cream that originated in Italy. Traditional Italian gelato recipes have less fat and air than American ice cream. People often assume that gelato has more fat because of its creamy texture. But that creamy mouth-feel is due to a careful balance of ingredients that allow the gelato to stay frozen in a softer state. Gelato is also considered to have more intense flavor than ice cream. This is because fat coats the tongue, inhibiting your ability to taste, while the cold temperature of hard ice cream not only gives you brain freeze, it temporarily freezes your taste buds. On the contrary, when you eat gelato, the first sensation that hits your tongue is the flavor.


No one has actually asked us this, but we like to imagine they are thinking it! We use the best ingredients and carefully balanced recipes, of course. But the real answer is time and heat.  Our 3 day process begins by heating the mix so that the flavors meld with the milk. cream or non-dairy ingredients. Then we age the mix overnight to let the flavor deepen. And finally, just before freezing, we heat the batch one more time! The result is an intensity of flavor you just can’t achieve quickly.



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