What should be paid attention to when processes the showcase paint

What should be paid attention to when processes the showcase paint

  Showcase sanding paint spray varnish grass is an important process , you should first showcase wood surface paint dust , oil , wood chips and other impurities removed. When spraying more than minor oil dipped to follow every little dip in oil, ground operation required along the same direction , according to the first following the first tackling the difficult , first left and right , in the first order and cross outside How sprayed along the vertical construction . If it is carried out to maintain color varnish brush , then the site after the purchase of materials and surfaces must be clean protective primer first pass immediately . Primer is generally use paint .

  Paint Showcase primary treatment , in addition to cleaning up debris grass surface , there should be a partial putty embedded complement , playing along grain sandpaper when sanding . Before brushing the surface layer, application paint flakes ( Shellac ) for greater color and lignans knots at the back cover . All parts should be painted in the grass or clean dry oil berth , spray -drying spray evenly over the layer can not leak spray . After the base oil dry, full- scraping putty first pass , dry sanding by hand , then make high strength putty , putty to pick the wire does not fall prevail. When spraying the surface layer of paint should be polished with fine sandpaper .
  Here is resolved Caution paint display cabinets:

  (1) should be cleaned before spraying surroundings clean to prevent dust and spray environment.

  (2) primary treatment according to the processing requirements Showcase construction to ensure that the processing effect, to the surface of the paint to spray with a design effect.

  (3) paint has some toxicity to human body, there is a strong respiratory stimulation, must pay attention to the construction of good ventilation and protect themselves.


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