What should we pay attention to when using the paint showcase

What should we pay attention to when using the paint showcase

  First, the impact, high surface hardness Showcase paint but more brittle ; therefore we must prevent everyday use with other hard object hit !

  Second, scratches, small scratches in the paint will showcase the surface to leave a mark , affecting the appearance Showcase ;

  Third, waterproof, MDF surface smooth substrate is making the best paint , paint display cabinets are generally to do with MDF substrate , MDF material is afraid of water. Do not usually pay attention to maintenance than the wet wipe with a cloth and put paint showcase avoiding humid environment .

  Fourth, avoid sunlight , direct sunlight is not only easy to use paint showcase substrates surface deformation caused cracking paint , but also easy to make surface discoloration , especially white paint in direct sunlight easily yellow. Strong sunlight can cause surface cracking paint , which is usually in the mall do not worry about this point ;

  Five , pH , beverages, fruit display cabinet will leave a mark in the paint , if you do not accidentally get up Showcase amount needed immediately with a clean cloth dampened with a little water promptly erased ;


Sunny Chen


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