what we should pay attention when we do the jewelry kiosk

what we should pay attention when we do the jewelry kiosk

   Jewelry display kiosk design was used to compare conform to the public, but the design is not static, to design all kinds of jewelry cases to conform to the jewelry company, is a jewelry cases to design various styles for you.Jewelry is not the same as the counter is gorgeous, but must have the value of its existence, that is to be able to provide a jeweler, only good at jewelry display is truly reflect the value of the jewelry cases exist, all insist to design jewelry cases from the perspective of the public, can make the benefit of the company’s promotion.

  The following introduction of the lacquer that bake jewelry display ark construction key points:

  1, mix oil on the surface of the wood construction specification: basic level processing, in addition to clean up the basic stuff, also should undertake local putty inlaying, play sand paper should follow the wood grain grinding. Before besmear to brush the surface layer, application of color chip (shellac varnish) to have a large color difference and wooden fat knot back. At the grass-roots level shall be coated drying oil or berth, brush besmear to brush to all parts of the uniform drying oil layer, can’t leak brush. Priming oil dry after appearing, full blown first pass putty, dry sanding by hand, then fill high strength putty, putty will be subject to pick wire fail. When besmear brushs the paint on the surface, should use fine sandpaper.

  2, oil coating construction specifications: grinding is an important working procedure, besmear brushs varnish at the grass-roots level shall, first of all, will be on the surface of the wood dust, grease and other impurities clean. Besmear according to dip in the secondary, every time dip in less oil, operating more frequently, suitable brush requirements, in accordance with the first up after down, difficult before they are easy, first left after the right, after the first order and horizontal brush vertical suitable operation method of construction.

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