When choosing glass jewelry showcase to pay attention to what ?

When choosing glass jewelry showcase to pay attention to what ?

Jewelry display cabinet is mainly used in supermarkets, malls , shops display of goods , storage of goods , it has the appearance of personality , powerful, but also have the effect of advertising . Thereby achieving a better profit purposes. To provide a better platform for the brand .

When choosing from a wide range of glass jewelry showcase us to consider , you can make your own buy roses jewelry showcase, jewelry display jewelry showcase is a platform open to only display a number of jewelry showcase , and it can really let customers buy jewelry showcase a great harvest.

1 , determine a good showcase design theme and style , it is the foundation of the overall design of the entire display cabinet ( what kind of theme you want to express , and what kind of style , has a great influence on the design of the back , the back of the tasks are around it to do ) ;

2 , glass product mix to primary and secondary foil and echoed each other , have fun and have a style ;

3 , good spatial layout display cabinets , glass display cabinets and other commercial space a little bit different , is the exhibition and sale of one of space, so we have to create a reasonable , smooth, strong and easy guide to visit the space layout ;

4 , to make the display cabinets meet guests heart, anyway , we designed the ultimate goal is to attract guests appreciate our work ;

5 , lighting and color , lighting design for a display cabinet is concerned, it can be said is a very important part, especially glass exhibition . Good lighting design can well reflect the product and create a sales environment . The color scheme can make a good showcase more layered and more coordinated ;

6 , glass exhibition props design , glass exhibition props designed to be people-oriented, harmonization , increased visual impact in the case of focus, so that the local is also wonderful ;

7 , set to discuss a broad customer seating area . Glass, not only by means of a light of each other, it is a charming bones , irresistible charm , glass textures have a strong sense of Zen in it .




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