Why Hackers movie Hackers have bothered with the mouse?

Why Hackers movie Hackers have bothered with the mouse?

A hacker bother to develop their own tools plus the graphical interface

Engaging graphical interface is really difficult, very difficult. This difficulty is not to say difficult because the algorithm theory lead , but difficult to achieve a variety of GUI tedious work. Looks simple graphical interface to implement the workload is very large , a lot of the interface is gorgeous interface software actually work better than the core part of the much less functional part . This effort has done little thought graphical interface is not as refined features .

2, the United States and Europe Linux / Unix tradition

Unlike China this large market by Microsoft and nurturing traditional European and American research institutes in developed countries , hackers from decades ago began the line of business , the use of Linux / Unix habit continues today.

Linux / Unix command line to flourish, creating a software-based design philosophy of the command line dominate n years, until later graphics Apple, Microsoft interface defeat in the consumer market .

For the first contact with a computer is using Windows, Mac OS ordinary users are concerned, it will be difficult to imagine how to operate a computer without a mouse under the circumstances .

3, the server usually only have a command line

Server ( except for Windows Server ) graphical interface is usually not installed because they may have to run a boot server for a year , and put on the graphical interface may increase the probability of their crashes .

4 , more efficient many tasks at the command line

Skilled hackers can quickly knock out Linux command line , the combination of various tools inside the system to accomplish a task. Graphical interface , then the one hand, it’s hard to make a graphical interface tools to work together , on the other hand the mouse back and forth point n tool efficiency will be lower lot.

For example, to find all text files in a directory that contains the following credit card numbers , to extract credit card numbers, is encrypted and sent to a mailbox inside, children’s shoes are familiar with Linux can be gorgeous to get a line or two commands . Need to use graphical interface for how long?

Command 5 , scripting languages , tools , etc. Line Support

Many tool itself is a hacking tool , Windows users who never even consider using it in a graphical interface, but very troublesome. Because the second reason , many hackers use programming languages, tools outset to achieve the following at the command line , to the Windows command line or starting to use . Because the Windows command line responsibility has been eliminated , the system with only an extreme difficult to make the cmd.exe, just makes you go crazy with it .


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