Why make quick decisions when we buy something?

Why make quick decisions when we buy something?

Many people have a common characteristic when they buy something, it’s shop around. Because we always want to find a cheaper one. Constantly consult and constantly find a quotes. The price is sure to be different from each, the quality is definitely different.If you just want to find the cheapest, you can shop around.But i think there is no point in comparing prices alone.For our industry,we are customize company, we need to make the design to confirm all the details, then we can start production. But design takes time, energy, brains, so it needs money.Because it’s valuable in itself, and it’s not a one-time design. But many people don’t want to pay for it. They delay the time and want to find the free design everywhere. So in the end, he didn’t found the fool, no one would give their time and energy for free for a stranger. Although we explain the design fee will return to them when we place an order. We sent our factory video, the products we’ve done before. But they don’t accept.

We are not a design company, we are furniture company, we do the design and we also make the furniture in the design. When we’re hesitating, when we’re asking around. We cannot do anything, we can only get some similar answers. Finally, we found that there was not much time. Then you still need to paid for the design, but you want to shorter the production time. So we can only delay the time. The rent in the mall is very expensive.So once we get the position, we have to be prepared of everything. We should have enough time to do the design,modify the design and wait for review. Time is money, only by making a quick decision can we grasp the time. When we hesitate, we stagnate.

There have a very obvious example.

I have a customer, he want to buy a shopping mall kiosk. He told us what he wanted, and we told him about our work process. Any custom kiosks or furniture that needs to be designed first. But he wouldn’t. So he went to a supplier somewhere else. In the end, he couldn’t find exactly what he wanted, because without customization he could only buy similar but it doesn’t quite meet his requirements. A month later, he came back to me. Agreed to do the design, but his lease was running out. He urged us to shorten the production time to 12 days. This is almost impossible for a kiosk. Because our normal production time is about 25 days.We must make sure that we have enough time to produce it and confirm all the details. We also have to guarantee its quality, so it’s difficult to make a kiosk of perfect in such a short time. So we are in a dilemma, because we had very high demands on the products. We had to make the perfect kiosk. We can only promise 18 days at the fastest, which requires our production master to work overtime to catch up.So we’re both in a dilemma.He also needs to pay the rent until he receives the goods.

In business, we sometimes have to the determination to make a quick decision.Seize every opportunity. We’ve had too many customers, someone knows that there is something he wants and he quickly placed the order. Do the design then confirmation it, start production and then transport. Having done everything very quickly, he had more time to deal with his other affairs. So making decision quickly saves not only time but also money. We must take a long view and plan more things.

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