Wood & laminate display ice cream kiosk in the mall

Wood & laminate display ice cream kiosk in the mall

Hello. Welcome to our website. What kind of kiosk are you looking for? To read this article, I think ice cream is what you’re looking for. This title may not be very impressive, but this kiosk is really beautiful. In general, about the food kiosk, material we usually plywood and surface finish is laminate. Laminate has a lot of kinds of color, wood color also has a lot of. Today this kiosk is special, its top is made of wood, the overall shape is also an arc. Anyway, you may not be able to imagine what it looks like. Let’s look at its pictures.


We can see this kiosk has 2 colors, one is white and the other one is wood color. The top is curved with wooden slats, which looks lovely. Since ice cream is intended for children or girls, so the color we can use white or another light color. The kiosk front is a big display freezer, there are many ice cream flavors for customers to choose from. The right side is a seating area when people order the meal, they can eat here. The countertop is made of artificial stone and you can put some small machines on it. The back wall is also made of wood, on which menus and price lists can be placed. According to this kiosk design, we can clearly know what can it do. The kiosk in the seating area is a sticker. It can be used by decoration.

Do you like this kiosk? Do you want a similar one? If you also want to make a kiosk, you can tell me your space size and your requirements. Then we will according to your size and your requirements to design the kiosk. We are a custom company, so we can design the kiosk you like. The design time is about 2 days. And before design, it needs 300 design deposit. When we place an order, it will return to you. Our price is based on size, material, and style. So we need to make a design first. When finish the design and after approval. The production time is about 28 days. If you have any questions, you can contact me.

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