Wooden computer display cabinets ‘ maintenance

Wooden computer display cabinets ‘ maintenance

Wooden computer display cabinets ‘ maintenance

    Wooden Computer Showcase in real life occupy the vast majority , the minority is made of metal display cabinets, but no matter what kind of display cabinets, display cabinets to ensure the long-term in the best condition , it is necessary for long-term display cabinets maintenance , but, in the process of maintenance , there are some methods are inappropriate or not pay attention to maintenance among some precautions can cause damage to the display cabinet , especially wooden display cabinets . Here , Shenzhen Dongxing Showcase will explain these considerations one by one .
One , not the computer display cabinets for a long time on the sun exposure , do not want to showcase some of the long-term in indoor public places or relatively dry places, and they can not be placed in a high humidity environment of space , we must choose be placed in a suitable place to use .
Second, handling and dismantling time shift display cabinets , pay attention to Qingtai light , do not vigorously will showcase lifted directly down, so do certainly showcase some degree of damage caused by the surface and eventually will greatly affect the display cabinets the appearance and value of their own .
Third, the use made into plywood, timber wood composite panels showcase the best kind of rub with detergent , do not use water to wash rag or , or is likely to cause oxidation of display cabinets , and may also cause paint surfaces are damaged .
Fourth, do not ballast on top of the wardrobe in order to avoid protruding door shut lax phenomenon ; while clothes do not pile up too much, over the door to prevent the door deformation.
Fifth, if found computer display cabinet surfaces where paint has some cracks or signs of something, when you want to fix this , be sure to use the surface with color display cabinets , to repair the same tone , so as to not appear color different sense of aesthetic impact .
Sixth, the best furniture to put in some pepper , can prevent rats from entering ; put some camphor , tobacco , can prevent worms and cockroaches.
Seven computer display cabinet surface coating Due to the passage of time , the gloss will lose out , in order to allow the use of display cabinets has maintained a rich gloss and freshness , the last time to time on this surface layer of paint brush , the time interval of the most good two or three years time . Showcase display of results to ensure long-lasting .




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