Would you like to build up a natural and organic coffee shop?

Would you like to build up a natural and organic coffee shop?


Would you like to build up an organic and natural coffee shop?



Nowadays organic and < target="_blank">natural coffee shop is becoming more and more popular, such a coffee shop can create a cozy and quiest atmosphere, will be a good place for people to relax, so would you like to build up an organic and natural shop for your own business? If so, followings are some ideas I would like to share with you, pls kindly go ahead, thank u!


1. the whole shop style and concept

Obviously organic and natural coffee shop shows the whole style will be designed in wood and natural color, keeping the original wood color for the shop design will be a good idea. Like the picture showed, you may find most of furniture are designed in wood color and also the sofa matches the whole shop very much. With luminous hanging light above the counter top, and also you can put a hand drawing black board on the wall for daily specials, this can enhance the concept of organic and natural feelings.


2. the whole shop inside layout

If size is enough, usually an organic coffee shop will be devided into several funtional areas like working area, dining area, bar area and parlon area, which can meet different people’s different needs. Of course for each area design, we can make it unique base on your needs.


3. outside shop area

For the outside shop area, we would like to suggest to use original wood panel as decorations on the wall, to present concept for organic and natural feelings. As for dining area, we can choose rattan table sand chair with green or brow awnings, help to create the most natural atmosphere.


So now, you may have a better idea for an < " target="_blank">organic coffee shop building, if you would like to own a nice organic coffee shop for your business, hope this article can give you some reasonale suggestions, thank u!



Posted by Dora

23rd, June, 2016


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